More About Us

Our names are Sergey and Tanya and we are the proud creators of SMW.

  We started in the woodworking business 30 years ago, from making kitchens and furniture for homes and offices, to creating displays and stands for large businesses. For decades, we have passionately made a variety of wooden products for the home and gifts, such as creative jewelry boxes, decorative wooden bowls, cutting boards, and various other custom-made products.

   Our philosophy behind our work has always placed healthy and sustainable living as our highest priority. For this reason, we use materials that come from nature, are non-toxic, natural, organic, and food-grade, and are produced in a sustainable and environmentally-conscious way.

Our mission is to make products that bring health and happiness to your home, and that are made from the highest-quality materials, so they can last for decades, and be passed on from generation to generation. Each product is uniquely handmade with attention and creativity from carefully selected materials.

We are very proud of the uniqueness of our products, and of our commitment to sustainability and natural living.

We thank you for your interest in our work and invite you to enjoy our superior-quality, uniquely-made wooden products.